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Name Bob. I really wanted a Border Collie for our next dog as they're so bright and quick, but above all when you live in sheep country you want a dog who doesn't get stuck getting over stiles. We saw Bob and the decision was made. I will have a Border Collie one day! Will wanted to call him Explorer, which with hindsight would have been very appropriate. The idea was black balled.
Nicknames Bobby Boozles - don't ask me why.
Breed Mother was a Border Collie, we think he may have some Dalmatian and some Greyhound possibly. As a pup the vets kept saying how big he was going to be, based on his feet size.
DOB 30/6/2005. Well somewhere round here. We'll have to check up. Newport RSPCA have their open day that week, so we'll be taking him back as the proud owners.
Place OB Newport as far as we know.
Characteristics Very energetic, loving, playful. He follows Cath everywhere. If she goes upstairs he'll get up and sit by the bottom stair. Always running and diving through hedges. Loves chasing birds, rabbits and deer. There's a lot of them where we live so you often hear a high pitched bark (his normal bark is remarkably deep) like a hunting dog followed by a scurrying animal.

Bob came from Newport RSPCA in September 2005. He hadn't had a bad life, his mums owners just needed the litter to be homed.

At twelve weeks old he had very pink eyes and a half pink nose. One heck of a cute chap.

  ...And he was always up for a lick and a cuddle.
The worst bit about getting a new dog is the wait (mostly for the home check), but Bob didn't seem too stressed by it. 18/9/2005 Here's Bob waiting with one of his brothers. They look like negatives of each other.
22/9/2005 You easily forget what a little tyke he was.   22/9/2005


The lens is quicker than the eye.

This would have made a good spot-the-ball competition.

They got on pretty well from the word "Go" 25/9/2005  
26/9/2005 After all these years Sid's got someone other than Cath and I to play Tug-o-war with - and this little guy gives it his all.   1/10/2005
  There's always time for a bit more sniffing. Bob checks out his new territory.
Autumn is a wonderful season. Bob and the boys check out our staple diet walk - The Burial Path, Newland. 22/10/2005 I plan to put a cache here soon, though it can get a bit muddy (and is right now 19/5/2006).
26/11/2005 This was Bob's first dip. I'm not sure he's got the same passion for it as Sid as he's not been in since.   12/3/2006
  Bob is well camouflaged in the snow, but even he couldn't keep up with the sledge.
The pinkness in the face is well on it's way to being black by now. Here he is at The Yat. 21/1/2006 We were very close to Off the Beat'n Yat, but didn't even know it existed then.
15/4/2006 A couple of pictures from early Geocaches. 9/4/2006
Sid gets in the steam while Bob makes do with a drink. Cath takes the boys down The Hudnall's quite often now. Thanks to The Flying Boots.  
  The boys pose for a picture at Lydney Harbour before Will is whisked off for a well needed hair cut.
Bob at Foy, Herefordshire on a very rainy Saturday. It doesn't seem to stop him enjoying himself though. 20/5/2006