The following are deals that I personally use and honestly believe are incredible value.


Website hosting

I've been using FastWebHost (formerly eHostPros) since 2006. I sought out the cheapest service available that provided the functionality that I needed (MySQL databases, unlimited domain etc). I was concerned about service and downtime, but after more than six years I can honestly say I have been very impressed. I built my sites having very little knowledge, but if you don't want to develop there's a Site Builder included and loads of free apps available for blogging, selling, photo galleries, creating forums etc. All you need to do is register a domain name (available from 99p/year here) and you are ready to create. Email hosting is also include and unlimited, so your email addresses can look professional, like for example. Click the link below for details. Take a look at my other site to see the sort of thing you can do with it.

cPanel Web Hosting


Mobile phone Contracts

Why have a contract? People who know use giffgaff. It's contract free and costs half the price of most networks.

PAYG phone calls 10p/min (to mobiles or landlines)

SMS text messages cost 6p

0800 numbers are free (most providers charge)

Unlimited calls and SMS text messages to other giffgaff users as long as you top up every 3 months. This is great if your family or friends use giffgaff too.

Mobile data costs 20p/day (up to 20MB, which is plenty for most).

Free SMS texts to and from Twitter and Facebook. Keep in touch without using data.

If you are a heavy user then check out the goodybags. i.e. £10 goodybag gives unlimited texts, unlimited data and 250 UK minutes for a month. There's no contract, so next month you can use which goodybag you like, or none.

Order by the link below and you'll get a free SIM and a free £5 credit when you top up. I will also get a free £5 credit too. Just be sure that your phone is unlocked or works on the O2 network.

Get a free giffgaff Sim

My family have been using Giffgaff for about a year now and we are saving a fortune, plus we stay in touch for free all of the time.

giffgaff uses the O2 network.